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Gear Stories 33.. Do your last minute shopping early! (yes, that’s an oxymoron!)



Hey there friends!  It’s Gear Stories time again!


I hope I can give you some helpful hints to make shopping for your musician friends easier… and of course, some helpful info that you can give to the loved ones in your life so they can call me and get you what you want, and I can make sure that they actually get the right thing!


I will start off with the link to this month’s deconstructed song  (that is where I post a newly recorded song and then go through all the steps involved in recording it).  I figured I should do something appropriate to the season, so here is a remake of the ORIGINAL version of a Christmas favorite!  Enjoy.




Now… As I traditionally do in December, I will abandon tradition!  Rather than focusing on two specific pieces of gear, I will throw out some great ideas that would make wonderful gifts and are on sale this month!  Really GREAT values!


Here we go.







Christmas Deal # 1  If you WISH you played drums, and want to sound like you  can on your recordings…


First of all, for my demo recording friends, Toontrack, the easiest to use drum software ever invented, has virtually everything on sale!   (All of the expansion packs are half off!  And EZ Drummer itself was dropped down to only $99!) I use these products in my production all the time, along with big stars!  I was told that a recent hit by Mariah Carey was done with EZ Drummer.  It may be affordable and inexpensive, but that doesn’t stop it from sounding absolutely professional!


Check it out and if you have any questions, call me!  http://www.sweetwater.com/store/manufacturer/Toontrack







Christmas Deal #2  Blue Mics


If you know me well, you know that one of my favorite microphone companies in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD is BLUE!  This month I am putting everything they make on sale.  On all mics, get an automatic 10% off by contacting me directly about these mics.


Also the premium cables they make (which are GREAT and I use in MY studio)  I have these on sale for 50% off!





Call me and have a BLUE Christmas!  (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)







Christmas Deal #3  For Drummers


We carry a company that is known among professional drummers as one of the premium brands!  It’s known as DW Drums  (D.W. stands for the Drum Workshop, I have been told… this could be entirely inaccurate!)


Traditionally, acoustic drums are made with plies of wood veneer, bent into shape and glued together in layers, and indeed, that is how DW does, it, however, they have revolutionized the acoustic drum industry recently with a new design as to how to do that.  It regards how the grain of the wood veneer is matched up.


They carefully get veneer that has grain that is cut vertically, and layer it with horizontally cut veneer, as well as layers of veneer that are cut diagonally, going both directions at 45 degrees.  This makes for amazingly strong wood shells, but even better, the sonic quality of the shells creates rich overtones that blend so well together, professional drummers from all over the word are proclaiming that these are the best sounding wooden drums they have EVER heard!  And best of all, instead of being five, six or seven thousand dollars for a kit of these fine instruments, they are letting them go for $1799!



So this is not only a historic re-thinking of traditional acoustic drum designs, but also a historic pricing for a completely  pro level kit!


See the kits available here!    http://www.sweetwater.com/c1016–DW–Acoustic_Drum_Kits/popular/params=eyJkaW1lbnNpb24iOnsiQnJhbmQiOiI0Mjk0OTY2MjEyIiwiUHJpY2UgUmFuZ2UiOiIxMDAwMDExIn19






Christmas deal #4  PRO TOOLS 9 most affordable way ever to get into Pro Tools!


For the person who has always wanted to get into Pro Tools, there is, for a limited time, an unprecedented opportunity to get into a NEW Pro Tools 9 system for less money than ever!


As you may know, Pro Tools 9 now allows you to use hardware other than Pro Tools specific hardware to use the software, so those of you who have other interfaces and could never justify the jump to Pro Tools, or those of you who always thought it was too expensive…  Here is the new, limited time deal that is now available.


If you purchase an mBox 2 Mini, you can new get it for  $194.99 and it comes with  Pro Tools 8… and then we have bundled this with Pro Tools 9 upgrade from Pro Tools LE for $249, so that means you can get Pro Tools 9 with an mBox Mini 2 for $443.99!  If you wanted to just buy Pro Tools 9 alone, you would pay $599!


So, in essence, you get over $150 off pro tools AND a free interface if you go this route!  Even if you already have an interface, it’s worth your while to get this bundle, even if you have no use for the M Box!


Here’s the link…  http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/Mbox2MiniLE9/


Now THAT’s an amazing deal!






Christmas deal #5  Line6 Variax guitars!


Line6 is the company that is most well known for modeling, and they released a line of guitars called “Variax” which can model the sounds of other guitars.  It is truly amazing!  They are normally quite expensive, because they can do so many things… but recently, Line6 decided to rework the entire line… that is a normal process in the life of a line of instruments… bot the question was, “what do we do with all the Variax guitars from the original line that we still have?”


EASY!  Send them to Sweetwater at AMAZING prices!  Certainly, there is the new line, but that shouldn’t take away from the old line!  And now, you can get them for HUNDREDS of dollars off the original price!


Here is a link to one we have in stock now… http://www.sweetwater.com/store/search.php?s=variax&sb=low2high&params=eyJkaW1lbnNpb24iOnsiQ2F0ZWdvcnkiOiIxMTkwIn0sInJhbmdlIjp7IlByaWNlIFJhbmdlIjp7Imxvd2VyIjoiMCIsInVwcGVyIjoiODAwIn19fQ


We are going to getting black ones that will be going for $299!  And red ones with white pick guards that will also go for that insanely low price!  So low that we cannot advertise it on the web, so you won’t find them there.  You have to call me about this one.






Christmas Deal #6   Finally, for the guitarist who has everything, but wants more!  Here are some HIGHLY collectable, one of a kind, AMAZING guitars that are available ONLY here.



At Sweetwater, we have gathered some stunning one of a kind, custom guitars.  Each one is unique, and each one has a story.   We have held on to them like members of our own family, they are so special, but we decided that this Christmas season, we would give them  special pricing and make them available for (in some cases) THOUSANDS of dollars less than what they were originally supposed to sell for.  if you are a high end collector, or KNOW a high end guitar collector, you should really consider these.  Each one is not only a beautiful playing instrument, but also a true investment.  Traditionally, guitars of this level only increase in value with age.


We are not permitted to advertise these guitars for the prices we are offering, so I am not allowed to put it in this e-mail, but call me… Several of these guitars are going for several thousand dollars off!


Here they are…


Taylor 35th Anniversary Armrest Guitar. Only thirty-five of these guitars were exclusively built for worldwide distribution. The top is solid premium Sitka Spruce while the back and sides are of ultra rare Brazilian Rosewood, a tone wood no longer harvested or available on the open market. This guitar is an instant collectible and was partially built by Bob Taylor himself. The “armrest” contour on the top edge of the guitar is both functional and an exclusive Taylor innovation, making this guitar a Taylor classic. The 35th Armrest has amazing tonal balance and is easily one of the most vocal small body acoustics you will ever hear and like all Taylor guitars, the playability is extraordinary.




XXXVArmrest List $19,999 Price Was: $16,999 Call for several thousand off!



Taylor Limited Edition Grand Auditorium Custom. This is an exquisite example of a Grand Auditorium, the body style made famous by Taylor Guitars. This limited guitar has a premium solid Sitka Spruce top coupled with solid AA Quilt Maple back and sides. The figured maple neck is one of many beauty marks on this guitar, including the ebony truss rod cover, ebony peg head and Hawaiian Figured Koa binding. This guitar has a wide vocal range and speaks with notable volume. This is a must have for any collector of fine guitars and now it is more affordable than ever.




GACMceLtd List $8032 Price Was: $6,499 Call for HUGE savings!


Taylor One Of A Kind Custom Shop Dreadnaught.  This is a one of a kind work of art from Taylor with an angelic tone. The premium solid Englemen Spruce top adds plenty of snap and attack, while the solid AA Hawaiian back and sides add a buttery warm tone to any style of playing. This guitar is a great looker as well. The Mother of Pearl Tropical Vine fretboard inlay is striking and tasteful. This guitar plays as easy as a hot knife through butter and the Taylor Expression System makes this guitar a great option for performances as well as an incredible studio tool.




DNCustom List $9176 Price Was: $5,999 Call for Great Price!



PRS Howard Leese Golden Eagle Limited.  Howard Leese was the guitar player for Heart for 22 years. Howard’s guitar was one of Paul Smith’s early works of art and the first maple top guitar built by PRS. This tribute model, limited to 100 units worldwide, has a filled hole on the top just as the original did. In desperate need of figured maple to build Howard’s guitar, Paul acquired the drawers from a dresser belonging to his friend’s mother. The hole was left by the drawer knob. The guitar has a modified Santana body shape and is equipped with a beefy neck just like the original. This extremely limited guitar is not only a great players guitar, but it is also a great piece of PRS history perfect for any guitar collection.




LeeseLTD List $13,000 Price Was: $7,995 Call for many hundreds off!


PRS Mark Tremonti Private Stock.  Mark Tremonti is the lead guitarist and co-founder for the rock bands Creed and Alter Bridge. Recognizing his place among the rock guitar standouts, PRS designed and built a signature guitar for Tremonti. Utilizing the same specs as the artist’s signature guitar, the folks at Sweetwater requested a Tremonti Private Stock model be built with a stunning figured maple cap selected by Sweetwater, from the PRS Private Stock library. The result is this gorgeous axe with a one piece maple top so figured that it appears as if you can dip you finger into it and the unique Purple Smoke finish really highlights the figure of the Maple top. The guitar has all the mazing beauty marks you would expect to find on a PRS Private Stock guitar and the satin finished East Indian Rosewood neck gives this guitar an amazing feel. Once you pick this guitar up you will not want to put it down. Mark Tremonti’s personal PRS might not be as nice as this guitar!




PS2478 List $15,510 Price Was: $7,995 Call for GREAT deal!




PRS Johnny Hiland Private Stock. This guitar may be officially labeled as a Johnny Hiland model, but is first and foremost and incredible PRS Private Stock guitar. The exquisite figured one piece maple top on this guitar was hand selected by the Sweetwater staff at the PRS Experience. The Curly Maple neck and fretboard give this guitar an amazing sleek feel and serve as a beautiful visual contrast to the Tiger Eye finish. This guitar originally listed for over $15,000 and bears the Private Stock Eagle headstock. This is the perfect guitar to add to any collection.




PS2344 List $15,290 Price Was: $7,995 Call for hundres more off!





PRS Tonare Grand Acoustic. This guitar is truly a PRS work of art. The combination of supreme playability and richness of tone make this guitar a must for any acoustic collection. One strum of this acoustic and you will immediately start wondering what the tonal possibilities might be once this guitar starts to break in, if it sounds this good right now. The Tonare Grand has a solid German Spruce top, Rosewood back & sides and a rare Peruvian Mahogany neck with a full comfortable profile. This guitar is a flat picker’s dream guitar and has incredible beauty to boot. The Abalone inlays are plentiful but not overbearing. Tasteful Celtic Crosses adorn the fretboard and an Abalone rosette is framed by Abalone top purfiling. The 16” body gives this guitar a big voice with a noticeable midrange tone. For added versatility this Tonare has onboard PRS electronics. This is truly a guitar for a lifetime.




TonareCPE List $ 8405 Price Was: $7,395 Call for HUGE discount!




PRS Limited Edition SC-J Thineline w/ Bigsby. This is one of the coolest hollow body electric guitars on the planet. The tonal combination of the Maple arched top, Maple back, Mahogany middle and PRS Archtop pickups make this an angelic Jazz and Blues guitar. Limited to just 300 pieces worldwide, the SC-J has an incredible feeling wide/ fat mahogany neck carve topped by a silky smooth ebony fretboard, with a very comfortable 10” radius. This guitar nearly plays itself. The thinner body makes this guitar very comfortable whether you are standing or sitting and the McCarty Tobacco Sunburst finish and Grover Imperial tuners help to create the classic look of this innovative archtop. If you are in the market for a versatile archtop that is head and shoulders above all others, this guitar is it. And now it is more affordable than ever.




SCJMSBBig List Price  $8000 Price Was: $4,995 call for hundreds off!




Gretsch G6120DSW 1955 Custom Relic Masterbuilt. If you are a collector of guitars and Americana art, look no further for the next piece of your collection. This Masterbuilt Gretsch G6120DSW is the one. First and foremost this is an exquisite Masterbuilt Gretsch Custom Shop guitar, hand crafted by Stephen Stern. The relic application to this guitar is subtle and accurate right down to the worn leather grommet on the bigsby arm. This guitar right out of the Custom Shop would be a phenomenal piece to own, but shockingly the guitar is only half of the story. This guitar was hand painted by world renowned Kustom Kulture artist Sam Gambino ( http://samgambino.com/  ). Gambino specializes in vintage culture art, tiki art, and pin striping. He was commissioned by Gretsch to hand paint this guitar and the matching case, utilizing his own ideas for the theme. The result is a truly ONE OF A KIND guitar that is instantly collectible and an instant classic from the Gretsch lineage. Don’t miss your opportunity to own this amazing work of art.




G6120DSWSG List $10,000 Price Was: $6,999 Call for over a grand off!



Gibson Montana 20th Anniversary J-200 Extreme. This is one of the most extraordinary Gibson J-200 acoustics to ever leave the factory in Bozeman. Master Luthier, Ren Ferguson himself is the builder of this masterpiece and Ren’s signature is on the included certificate. To celebrate the Bozeman, Montana factory 20th Anniversary, Ren pulled out all the stops when he created this beauty. The back and sides are solid AAA quilted Maple and support the premium solid Sitka Spruce top. The highly figured three piece Maple back is mirrored by the equally figured three piece Maple neck. One strum of your favorite chord on this guitar and you will hear it come to life. The jumbo body gives this guitar a booming voice and the Maple maintains the articulation, making this a great rhythm guitar that will really fill in the gaps. There were only 20 J-200 Extremes built and all have the limited 20th Anniversary label inside as well as the 20th Anniversary MOP inlay on the back of the headstock. This is a unique opportunity to own an incredible sounding guitar that is both stunning and an instant collectible, as well as a true piece of Gibson Acoustic history.




J2EX20ANN List  $9675 Price Was: $7,499 Call me for thousands off!


Fender Custom Shop ’60s Strat & ’60s Tele Ghost Paisley. ATTENTION all Strat and Tele collectors. This incredible pair of guitars just might be the next two axes to add to your collection. Fender Custom Shop Masterbuilder Mark Kendrick has produced a total of four truly unique, one of a kind instruments with the mysterious Ghost Paisley finish. In addition to this Strat and Tele, there were two Fender Bass guitars built as well. Sweetwater was fortunate enough to acquire the Strat and the Tele and now they are available to you at an incredible price, individually or as the pair. Kendrick used years of experience and innovation to produce the Ghost Paisley affect that he applied to these gorgeous AAA quilted Maple tops. Aside from being outstanding looking guitars, these six string sabers are phenomenal instruments. The solid bodies are cut from premium Alder and the finger boards are of the ultra rare Brazilian Rosewood. The Strat has a set of hand wound Custom Shop 60’s pickups and the Tele is sporting a pair of Custom Shop hand wound ’67 Tele pickups. You will be hard pressed to find a Custom Shop Strat or Tele more stunning than these two works of art.




Strat60GP List Price $7600 Price Was: $5,999 Call me!




Tele60GP List Price $7600 Price Was: $5,999 Call me for SIGNIFICANT discount!



Well, I will wrap up this month;s Gear Stories there so we can all get on with our holiday busy-ness and shopping!  But know that I am just scratching the surface of the incredible deals we have going on this month!


Take a look at our front page and be inspired!  http://www.sweetwater.com/


OR if you want to make up your own holiday package, CALL ME!  And get your last minute shopping done EARLY this year…


I hope to hear from you soon!


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