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Gear Stories 14 Speakers and more Speakers!


Hey there friends!


The months seem to fly by so fast and once again, it is time for another episode of GEAR STORIES!


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But I hope you give Gear Stories a chance.  If you are into gear at all, I think you’ll like it.


This month, I am going to focus on two different kinds of speakers.  Like usual, one in the very affordable price range, and the other in the “not-quite-so-easily-affordable” price range, but you really want to hear about them anyway!  So let’s get started!




LSR 2328&2328 – JBL makes the first truly affordable professional Studio Monitor


For quite a while now, one of the most popular sets of monitor speakers we have sold at Sweetwater has been the JBL LSR 4328’s along with their accompanying dsp pack that helps you analyze your room to get an accurate representation of what the sound is REALLY doing there in your recording platform.  For some reason, the have really taken off in the Hip Hop & R&B communities the most… maybe that’s because you can add a really kicking subwoofer and make your whole studio jump like the back of an old Buick, bumpin’ fifty cent down America’s urban streets!


Why, recently I helped the largest selling female rapper in history put a pair in her new studio!


I’d like to point out, of course, when the client leaves and it’s time for the engineer to make a REAL mix, you can turn the sub off, turn the volume down and actually get a GREAT representation of what was really going on!


The problem is that like most professional studio monitors, the price seemed prohibitive to most of us…. but still, a lot of us wanted them… so JBL has bravely answered the call and released a very well built, great sounding yet more affordable version of this very popular series!


Introducing the LSR2328P and it’s little five inch woofin’ brother the LSR2325P!


You can also make your home studio bump like a Buick with the sub designed for this series!  the LSR2310SP.


These are made and backed by one of the most reputable speaker companies in the world, and they truly deliver professional quality sound in a package that most of us can afford, if we really want to cut out that second Starbucks every day and we go through the sofa cushions for loose change!  JBL is calling them the world’s first Affordable pair of studio monitors!  Also, soon, there will be available a scaled back version of the DSP pack for this series, too…   So now, Joe-producer in his  bedroom studio can work with speakers that truly deliver just like the pros… even if he is a little sleepy from caffeine deprivation because he’s been missing his second cup of Starbuck’s every day!


So to celebrate this historic release, from now until the end of April, 09,  I am offering them for a special price!


http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LSR2328P/  $328.97 each  (plus shipping)


http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LSR2325P/  $184.97 each (Plus shipping)


http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/LSR2310SP/  $373.97 (Plus shipping)


So cut back on the coffee and give me a call!




And now, the Event OPAL, changing high end studio monitors forever!



…Or so the owner of Event is claiming!  He just may be right!  I remember the first time I became aware of Event.  It was the first album I produced for national release… (Squeeze It, by Ernie Johnson, released on Phat Sound Records… true old school soul, full of double entendre and dirty horns!)  Ernie listened to the first mixes, and wisely said… you need to get new speakers, because the ones you are using are no good (they were an old brand that doesn’t even make speakers anymore) and if you don;t get different speakers, I’m going to have you send me the tracks and I’ll have it mixed at the Hit Factory in new York…


Talk about stiff competition!


Needless to say, I wanted to take the project from start to finish, and I got on the horn to another studio owner that I knew well, and he graciously offered to loan his speakers to me for a few days since he was going out of town…


He had old Event 20-20’s  now discontinued…  They were a vast improvement from what I was using and I was amazed at the difference they made, and how my original studio monitors were lying to me in the low end!  (And low end is extremely important to Soul music!)


I did the remix, and the album was not sent to the hit factory, and then a shipment of the albums were pirated by a disreputable replication plant and a rival record label, and though it sold a LOT of albums in the “Chitlin’ circuit,” the record company lost it’s shirt…  I’m glad I’m not in THAT part of the industry!


But what impressed me was that these monitors, which were comparatively rather inexpensive, were so good, reliable, and just plain did the job… so I’ve always loved Event monitors since then… but then suddenly, they went away about a year and a half ago.


What i did not know was that they had been purchased by an Australian company… Rhode… the mic makers.  It made sense… Rhode makes very good mics at a very low cost…  but the strange thing is that they did not follow that same idea with the event company… they completely reinvented them, and for the better.


The Idea of the Opal, which is their red carpet roll out release, and instead of making really good speakers for the home and project studio market, they decided to make absolutely GREAT speakers for the professional market and a much lower price point than anything else than can touch it!  So the concept is basically the same, but just bumped up  a level.


It’s quite a claim that they are making,  “The Opal is the most accurate, lowest distortion studio monitor on the planet,” says Peter Freedman, the president of Event Electronics.  They have developed all kinds of new technology that is supposed to improve the performance and accuracy of these speakers over and above all others…  but what happens when the rubber meets the road?


I had to hear these for myself!


I went into our demo room with a friend of mine, and we started listening to a pro tools session that was up… we were listening through another brand of speakers that were similarly priced…  (I’m not telling what brand, but it was not JBL)  They sounded fine, like I expected a studio monitor to sound.  Then, we switched to the Event Opals.


They sounded GREAT!  I was impressed… the planets aligned and all was right with the world…


THEN came the true test!  We switched back to the other monitors.


If  you have ever been to the eye doctor and gotten your prescription upgraded on your lenses, you will completely understand this analogy…. those of you with 20-20 vision, you’ll just have to imagine.


So the eye doctor is scrolling through the various lenses and finally finds one that seems perfect, and then he flips it back to one from several tries back… double vision, blurry, yucky… all you want to do it have him flip it back…  That is exactly how I felt when we flipped from the opals to the other speakers.  It was almost a panic to get back to the Opals!


We have a pair here at Sweetwater that we can check out and take home to try out.  I simply refuse to do it until i can afford to buy a pair.  I don’t want to live under the shadow of what could be and feel that panic every time I fire up my own monitors…


That said, the Event Opals are advertised at a price of $1499.97 per speaker (Of course, nobody buys just ONE!)


Until the tenth of May, 2009, I will be offering these amazing speakers for $1299.97 each when you buy a pair or more.


I guarantee, you will NOT be disappointed!


Until next month,  BE WELL, my friends!


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