z Gear Stories episode 1

Gear stories!


Welcome to the first edition of Gear Stories!  Henceforth, I shall endeavor to provide you with a short, anecdotal account of two or three items from our inventory that are special to me.  I’ll keep it brief, and hopefully as entertaining as it is informative.  I’ll try to hit something really high end as well as something that guys like ME can afford in each issue.


As always, if you don’t want to get these once a month, just let me know and I will unsubscribe you, but hopefully you will find hem just fun enough to scan them before you hit the delete button, and who knows…  They just might help you find that perfect piece of gear!


So, without further ado…





Pro 37, or “the perfect ping!”


As a commercial studio owner for fifteen years, I have had the opportunity to try out a lot of mics, some of them pretty darned pricey, but early on in my career, my Sweetwater Sales Engineer (Yes, I used to be a customer before I worked here!) recommended an inexpensive, small diaphragm condenser mic called the pro 37 by Audio Technica.  I bought several.


When I brought it home, I immediately used them for cymbal mics, and liked what I heard.  I didn’t think much of it.  Then, as my studio grew and my mic collection with it, I tried different things, but no matter how expensive the mic, I still would ALWAYS return to the pro 37 for the ride cymbal.  it’s great for a lot of basic household recording uses, but for that “PING” that I want to hear in a ride cymbal, it is not equaled!  Even when I use other mics for drum overheads, I will ALWAYS put a pro 37 about four inches above the ride, just offset from the center by a few inches, and there it is… “ping, ping, ping…”


This mic is normally on sale at Sweetwater for $139. 97 but through the month of February, 2008, I am letting it go for $124.97.








True System Precision 8, or “is it live, or is it True?   …a surreal moment”


I knew I needed to upgrade my preamps, but there were so many to choose from.  With great guidance from my Sweetwater Sales Engineer, and a lot of research, I decided on the True Systems Precision 8.  They sounded great in the demo room, but there’s no test like having it set up in your own studio, where you know the sound intimately.


I brought them home (I bought two, for a total of sixteen channels of input) and plugged them into my system, and later that afternoon, I had my first session with them… rather anti-climactic, it was a voiceover session in which the talent had to merely read one sentence.  He did, and I clicked on the audio to listen to a playback, and in that moment, my world spun out of control, just for a second.  My mind knew that I was listening to a playback, but my body wasn’t paying attention.  As if I had no control over what I was doing, my arm reached quickly for the talk back button, and involuntarily, I heard my voice say, “Did you just say that again?”


The talent looked at me as if I had finally, completely lost my mind, and said, “no, you just played back the recording.”


I knew that, but my ears had not accepted the reality of the clarity I was experiencing…  It was THAT dramatic.


You can experience that clarity too, and through February, instead of paying $2,595.97, you can get this phenomenal clarity for $2474.97!







I hope you all enjoyed…  Catch you next month.



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