Vocalist Mimi Burns

Mimi Burns

Here’s Mimi

I met Mimi Burns in the early 2000’s when she and her husband Steven Tyler (Not from Aerosmith) were hosting a songwriter’s group in their home every Sunday evening. She and her husband had recently moved to Fort Wayne from California and were reveling in the unique music scene that existed in Fort Wayne at the time.

The had a Celtic Rock band and she had recorded two albums previously, and were forming a new band, and writing songs for what would soon become heir third album, of which I had the honor of participating as n engineer.

I had already omitted to doing the Celtic Dream Rodeo with Andy booth, but for years I had wished I could have Mimi participate in the project. When it became apparat that Andy was incredibly busy, I asked him how he felt about splitting the vocal duties on the album, and he was fine with that, I was delighted that I could then ask my friend Mimi to provide some vocals.

Mimi has a uniquely emotive voice and an understanding of Celtic music from the Folk side of the literature, and is a wonderful part of this project.

Here is her the Album that was partially recorded by Jon Gillespie back in Monastic Chambers