Vocalist Jeremy Gillespie

Jeremy GIllespie, Profile Picture

Edward Van Halen, the rock star and guitar wizard has incredible talent, which can be attributed to the fact, that he was bon on Jeremy Gillespie’s birthday!

Jeremy was destined to be a rock star from his extremely early childhood… since he had such beautiful blonde hair, his mother (Also, coincidently, the mother of Jon Gillespie, Dream Rodeo founder and producer) refused to have it cut until after he was two years old, by which time, he had such long, beautiful locks, most who saw him, initially thought he was a girl, (which was a big problem for rock stars in the 60’s and 70’s, and was desirable for rock stars in the 80’s.)

He took to playing guitar in the 80’s, inspired by such bands as KISS, and AC/DC. He formed his own band with high school friends, and eventually, in the early 90’s, joined forces with his brother, Jon, in the band called “Juso” playing Christian Rock throughout the midwest.

Jeremy went on through several musical endeavors, until he began his long love of Worship Music, and plays regularly as a worship leader in his church in Paola Kansas. Still, he has a deep appreciation of Rock, and the Blues, and a growing interest in the origins of Gospel Blues, as is being brought back to the forefront by such musicians as Glen Kaiser and Darryl Mansfield.

Jon has been talking to Jeremy about the possibility of doing a Dream Rodeo album of Gospel Blues for a long time, but the project was given a boost, when Aaron Comess, drummer of the popular national band, the Spin Doctors, agreed to play drums on a song from the album. Jon sent a small interface, and a Rhode Tube mic to Jeremy in Kansas, and they worked over the phone to get the right vocal performance. From there, the project continues.

Jeremy is the father of four grown sons, and one and three quarters very loving and loyal dogs, and lives in the backwoods of Kansas, enjoying the civil liberties afforded to him by the US Constitution, while he still can.

Many of those who know him well, still hold him in our mind’s eye looking like this…
Jeremy Gillespie, Rock Star
The Handsome and young, and extremely dashing, Jeremy Gillespie