Vocalist Amadhia Albee


Amadhia grew-up in a tiny farming village in Michigan. Many of her afternoons were spent exploring the woods near her home, it is there that she learned to appreciate the wonder of the natural world and the many different kinds of music it holds.

Her summers were spent at her grandparents’ cottage on the shores of Lake Michigan. Her grandfather, a singer, actor, director, and violinist himself, introduced her to a love of jazz and classical music, and a passion for performing and composing.

At the age of 19, Amadhia apprenticed to a master floutist and maker of traditional bamboo flutes on a commune nestled into the Virginia mountains. As part of her apprenticeship, she studied and practiced the different aspects of flutemaking, ground grain into flour, swept floors, and helped to harvest wild bamboo in Florida. Once the bamboo stalks had cured, she assisted in transforming the lengths into beautiful, performance-quality instruments.

In her early 20′s Amadhia moved to Southern California where she began working as a professional singer, floutist and harper . She performed as a soloist on stage, in independent films, and for special engagements in the Los Angeles area.

In 1994, Amadhia began her career as a studio animator. Working under the screen-name “Timothy Albee,” she animated on shows for studios including Walt Disney Feature Animation, Netter Digital, and NBC/Universal. She worked on Television Series and Feature Films including, Dinosaur, Battlestar Galactica (for which she received a Peabody Award,) and Babylon 5. In 2008, Amadhia began supervising Visual Effects and Character Animation for for theatrical, game, and television projects. She has led teams of artists for productions in Europe, America, and China. (Amadhia’s IMDB listing)

In 2001, Amadhia traveled to the Alaskan frontier for what she intended to be a one year sabbatical. Over the five years she lived in a primitive, one-room cabin on the edge of the Alaskan wilderness, she produced and scored her own award-winning animated short-film, authored three nonfiction books and co-authored an additional four. Mushing her sled-dog team alone, north of the Arctic Circle in the Brooks Range, (the southern border of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge,) awakened within her a profound awareness of the beauty and preciousness of the gift that is life. Since then she has dedicated herself to using her creative gifts to awaken similar awareness within others.

In 2012, Amadhia returned to her first love, singing. She has since performed as a studio artist on tracks for musicians and producers in Europe and America, spanning genres from Jazz to Alternative Rock and beyond.

In 2013, Amadhia signed her first album deal with Dream Rodeo, a small, independent record label to produce an album of fusion-inspired, ambient vocal trance.

Amadhia has sung, performed, taught, and led guided meditations throughout Europe and North America. She is currently living in the foothills north of Tucson, Arizona.

For more about Amadhia, please visit her website, Amadhia.com