Vivien Gillespie

My WIfe, Vivien… Isn’t she Lovely!?

Born in Cebu Philippines in 1986, Vivien aspired to come to the United States of America from a very young age. She was in nursing school, when she was introduced to her husband, Jon Gillespie and they became engaged.

She came to the US in 2005 and married Jon, and also became an industrial brazer, manufacturing high tech thermal expansion valves. Eventually, her job brazing was outsourced to Mexico, and she began working at Matilda Jane Clothing, where she works ’til this day.

When Jon wanted to record a Philippino folk song he heard on a television show, he had Vivien help him teach the proper pronunciation to the vocalist Sonia Cruz. Also, the song needed some narration in the Tagalog language, hence the voice you hear speaking.

Vivien lives in New Haven Indiana with her husband and their child, and two cats that she barely tolerates.