Special Guest Todd Harrold

Todd Harrold is one of the most accomplished musicians I have ever worked with. He continually surprises me with his skill, instinct and creativity, as well as his virtuosity. I respect him as a musician and as a friend.

He has been playing drums and teaching in Northeastern Indiana for decades, and is my first call drum session man for whatever kind of session I can come up with!

Todd is also an incredible vocalist and songwriter, and has been signed to a national label for those skills as well.

I once recorded and album with Todd Harrold, Dan Mowan (And sometimes Eric Clancy) in Monastic Chambers tht consisted of single takes of song live, with Todd playing drums AND singing! (The photo on this page was taken during one of those sessions)> It was truly an incredible and enjoyable experience. The Title odf that album recorded during those sessions was “Further From Yesterday” and is definitley worth picking up!

Here is Todd’s official web site.