Special Guest Tim Beeler

Tim Beeler is head to head with Andy Booth as far as guest appearances on Dream Rodeo songs. Tim grew up playing southern gospel music and later fell in love with Jazz and pop, becoming a staple in the North Eastern Indiana music scene (Which is a much more healthy and diverse music scene than one might think, if you don’t live here.) Tim was a member of one of the post popular and unique Fort Wayne cover bands, “Fawn Leibowitz” putting their own absolutely classy spin on every song they did… He has also performed with literally every Jazz musician in the area.

Tim joined a country band called “Flynville Train” that was signed to a national country label, however never really achieved the kind of acclaim that they deserved.

Tim lives in Fort Wayne, and teaches at the Sweetwater Academy. He still performs all over Indiana, Ohio and Michigan, and is in great demand as a session player. And of course, he absolutely LIVES to do sessions for Dream Rodeo!