Special Guest Randy Jackson

Randy Jackson is the lead singer/guitarist for the rock band Zebra. Randy’s first foray into recording success began with the self-titled Zebra debut album, released on Atlantic Records in 1983. Critically acclaimed for its lush rock sounds, due in large part to Jackson’s searing lead vocals and soaring guitar leads, the album sold 75,000 copies the first week. “Who’s Behind The Door” and “Tell Me What You Want”, written by Jackson, received serious notice in the press, and helped to form legions of Zebra fans almost instantly. The latest Zebra release, “Zebra IV”, was also produced and engineered by Jackson.

Randy toured as keyboardist, guitarist and backing vocalist in 1989 with the original, reunited Jefferson Airplane, their last tour together. He has also worked extensively in the area of musical software and hardware development.

Randy and Jon Gillespie met in 2007, when Jon became his Sweetwater sales engineer, and they have kept in touch ever since. When Randy heard the material from the Blind Willy Johnson album, he asked if he could play on the album, and suggested a few songs he play on. Randy played Lead electric guitar in “God Don’t Never Change” and “John the Revelator” as well as guitar synth in “Soul Of A Man” and he played the Swampy slide acoustic guitar in “Jesus Is Coming Soon.”