Special Guest Kevin Samuel

I first met Kevin Samuel when he was in his late teens and had just joined the regional modern rock band called “Pheen.” He spent many hours in the studio, first learning, then perfecting his craft. He spent literally hundreds of hours there, and now in his early twenties, he has truly become a master of studio guitar.

In 2011, he started a new band with a few of his old Pheen band mates, and some new blood. The new band is called “Thematic” and if the world was a fair place, they would be famous!

At the time of this writing (mid 2012) they are currently tracking their first full album in the Cloister.

Kevin laid down the very fist actual electric guitar solo that ever appeared in a Dream Rodeo song, in “N’Da Izua” on the Liberian album.

Kevin Lives in Fort Wayne Indiana with his wife, and works at Sweetwater Sound.