Special Guest Jen Foster

Jen Foster, Violinist

Education (degrees): BA in Telecommunications & French, Recording degree
Where did you go to College or Technical School?
Indiana University (Bloomington, IN), Conservatory of Recording Arts & Sciences
(Tempe, AZ)
Where is your hometown (where you grew up)? Fort Wayne, IN
Where did you move from to work at Sweetwater? Alexandria, VA
What was your occupation before coming to Sweetwater? AV Engineer at
the Shakespeare Theatre Company
Why did you first apply for a job at Sweetwater? Being employed in the
music industry, I’ve heard of Sweetwater and knew it was in my home town. I had
been living away from home for a long time, and decided I wanted to move back
closer to my family, and I knew that it was a great company to work for.
Foreign Languages: French
Technical Strengths: Live Sound, Recording
Instruments you play: Violin, Voice
Gear you Own: I don’t personally own any…I’ve always used everyone else’s!
Family Info: I come from a family of 5. I’ve got an older brother who lives in
Peoria IL with his wife and two kids, and a sister who lives in Indy with her
husband. My parents are still located here in Fort Wayne. My extended family is
all over the place.
Other stuff we should know about you: I love traveling, baking, running, yoga.