Special Guest Jeffrey Green

Education: Bachelor of Music – Ball State University
What was your occupation before coming to Sweetwater?
Foreign Languages: A little Spanish
Technical Strengths: MIDI equipment
Instruments you play: Cello, guitar
Gear you Own: A lot. Pro Tools, Nord Lead, Nord Modular, ARP
Odyssey, electric MIDI cello, etc, etc. . .
Family Info: Wife – Jen, daughter – Zoe, son – Griffin
Other stuff we should know about you: (hobbies, interests, etc.)
Basketball, “rave” promotion
Personal Motto: He who puts up with insult invites injury.
Favorite Magazine: The Wire
Real Life Hero: Father

Guilty pleasure of choice: (ex. watching Gilligan’s Island reruns, a
Hot Wheels collection etc.) Eating a lot of chocolate.
How would your boss describe you? Does a good job of taking
care of clients, is dependable and reliable, but doesn’t spend enough
time on the phone.
How would your best friend describe you? Intelligent, fun
What did you dream about doing for a living when you were
growing up? Being a rock star
What in your life best prepared you for the work you do here at
Sweetwater? My father instilled a strong work ethic by making me
do a lot around the house.
What do you enjoy most about being part of the Sweetwater
Team? Interacting with very technical colleagues.
What is the most important thing you’ve learned at Sweetwater?
How to communicate
Describe the most dramatic situation in which you provided the
“Sweetwater Difference” for a customer or the most
unusual/creative solution to a customer problem: I drove to Ohio
yesterday to help a very frazzled elementary school teacher set up
her PA system.
Do you currently own a home? yes
Year make and model of any cool automobiles you own: Brand
new Cherokee