Special Guest Frances Miller

Frances Miller is a free spirit. She lived in Indiana for a good portion of her life, performing and teaching lessons and taking lessons, and appearing on countless sessions for other artists. She also recorded an album of original material at Monastic Chambers with a few musical cohorts. Eventually, Frances decided to travel and play her violin, experiencing life and cultures all over, from Europe and other continents to life in southern Cajun country in the USA.

The book “The Princess Bride speaks about the title of “Most Beautiful Woman in the World” being something that moves around often. In my view, that could be a super model, or it could be Mother Theresa, at any given time… It moves around as an archetype, flitting and floating like a ghost, landing on the heads of women all over the planet… perhaps several thousand times a day. In my view, that mantle has landed on Frances many times when she is playing her violin.

She played Violin on “I Parthenos” from the Greek album, and “Dreaming of You” from the Asian Compilation, as well as “Everything Dark, Bleak, Black” on the Korean Album.