Special Guest Dan Kurz

I met Dan Kurz when he was playing drums in the Fort Wayne area regional rock group called “Pheen” and was impressed by his skill and musicianship, as well as his keen sense of what he wanted in recordings.

It was in the process of recording the first Pheen album “Vacant Afternoons” in which he played a drum pars for the introduction of a song and we recorded it with one room mic and then put it through loads of effects. The intro of the song was brooding and moody… I was particularly enthralled with the drumming on that little tidbit, and with Dan;s permission, I used that drum part and created a loop that I used and then duplicated with Toontrack EZ Drummer for the song “Kyrie Eleison” on the Greek album.

Since then, Dan has moved to California, and is playing in a hard rock trio out there. We keep in touch from time to time, mostly via e-mail. Someday, I hope he becomes a rock star!