Special Guest Brian Lowrance

Brian Lowrance is an amazingly talented Videographer, both in camerawork, and editing. Jon Gillespie met Brian when Jon became his Sweetwater Sales Engineer, and soon they began working together long distance, with Brian editing video that had been shot by Jon and other videographers and Jon mixing and editing audio projects for Brian. Eventually, Brian came to work at Sweetwater too, which has allowed the two to continue their collaborations much more closely, and also allowing Brian to participate musically in Dream Rodeo as well. Brian invented the unique textural percussion parts in “Jesus Is Coming Soon” from the “Nobody’s Fault but Mine” album, including the very distinctive Military snare section in the middle… a part that was pivotal in the direction of the arrangement of the entire song, as well as the video (that we HOPE to make!)

We are looking forward to a long and fruitful collaborative working relationship.

Here is Brian’s self written bio from the Sweetwater web site…

Brian Lowrance
I am originally from Morton, IL. After I got married in 2005, we moved to South Carolina where I owned an audio/video production company. We specialized in recording live sets for bands, giving them high quality video with high quality audio. For the smaller venues, we would provide all of the live sound gear needed for the show.

One of the key values of my business was to give our customers a great product. We would multitrack record the audio and provide a multi camera shoot. Working one on one with customers is one thing that I really enjoyed about being a small business owner and now here at Sweetwater. I am honored to be a Sweetwater Sales Engineer, where I can now share my passion for music and providing people with a great product.