Special Guest Angel Gillespie

THis is silly! These “Pawing” marks are completely inaccurate

Normally, I would not give a cat special guest status on an album, but as it turns out, she ACTUALLY played some crucial passages on the keyboard near the end of the Nigerian song “Bunye” on the African compilation album.

I was playing the main keyboard pass in the song, and trying to make the song build, but I was falling into a rut… I knew I had to change something up as it approached the climax of the song, butI didn’t know what to do.

…Enter the cat!

As if guided by forces more all knowing than us, just at the right moment, she became interested in what I was doing, and jumped off the desk and onto the upper register of the keyboard. Of course, the strange and dissonant sound startled her, and she started running down the keyboard toward my hands… Then when I ceased to move out of her way, she turned around and ran back off the end. It only took a few moments, and I thought I was going to have to go in and erase that part, but instead, when I played it back, I found it to be just the cool direction change that the song needed… It was creepy and dissonant, but seemed to fit in perfectly and really make the song.

It is only ethical to give her credit for her musical genius!