We are always looking for new singers to participate in the Dream Rodeo Project:

Can you sing in a language other than English?  Are you familiar with the musical literature of your ethnic tradition?

Contact Jon Gillespie and open up a dialogue to see if you could be a featured vocalist on a Dream Rodeo album or song.

Here is our standard participation agreement. (Subject to negotiation):


Artist contract for Dream Rodeo:

This contract is between Jon Gillespie, representing Dream Rodeo LLC. and _________________, henceforth referred to as “The Vocalist”.

The vocalist agrees to provide vocal performances of songs for the music project Dream Rodeo. In return, Dream Rodeo agrees to pay to the Vocalist 50% of all performance royalties generated from sales or broadcast of the vocal performances the Vocalist has provided.

Of proceeds generated after expenses, they will be divided 50% into production and arranging royalties, and 50% into performance royalties.

If proceeds are generated, royalties will be paid to the vocalist within two weeks of the end of that quarter. Dream Rodeo will keep all records open to the Vocalist, and the Vocalist can request a copy of all accounts pertaining to their performance once per quarter.

Additionally, the Vocalist will be responsible for posing for the cover photo shoot if it is required for an album release, as well as provide digital photograph and biographic information for placement on the web site for the purpose of promoting Dream Rodeo.

Participation in video shoots are encouraged, but not mandated.

This agreement leaves open the possibility of live performances, the terms of which will be considered at such a time as details are known

The Vocalist will not willingly delay or prevent the release of the project.

Dream Rodeo will be responsible for the content of the project which contains the performances.

It is the responsibility of the vocalist to keep current contact information available to Dream Rodeo. Dream Rodeo will make up to two attempts to contact the vocalist with any royalty payments each quarter, and if contact cannot be made, after six months those royalties will be forfeit and will not accrue again until such time that the Vocalist sends new contact information to Dream Rodeo at the address specified below.

(If that address changes, Dream Rodeo will make that information available to the vocalist at the contact information that has been provided by the vocalist… Dream Rodeo will do it’s due diligence to make sure the Vocalist has all contact information necessary.)

With these signatures, the two parties enter into this agreement:

Doing business as Dream Rodeo:

Jon Gillespie, ________________________ Date _____________

1419 Baywood Drive
New Haven, IN 46774

Phone 260 749-1981 Mobile 260 804-0040

e-mail: [email protected]

The Vocalist:

Print name ______________________ Signed __________________________ Date _____________

Address: _____________________________