Redemption Songs, the Music of Jamaica

The Songs of Robert Nesta Marley

Featuring Vocalist Miss Menneh

Vocalist Menneh Quetee

Vocalist Miss Menneh

This album is Currently in production

Here are samples from some of the first cuts on this album to be finished.

      Jamming sample

      Get Up Stand up Sample

      Exodus sample

      Natural Mystic Sample

      One Love Sample

      No Woman No Cry Sample

      One Love Stripped Down Sample

Other Songs in production:
Three Little Birds
Redemption Song

Special Guests: Phil Keaggy played Guitar on One Love, Kent Klee Played Drums on One Love, Tim Beeler played Bass on One Love, Todd Harrold played drums on Natural Mystic, Duane Eby played guitar on Natural Mystic, Mark Maxwell played sax on Natural Mystic, Jennebelle Gillespie played harmonica, vocal percussion and backing vocals on No Woman No Cry, Jen Foster played Violin on Exodus, Derek Reeves played Viola on Exodus, and Jeffrey Green Played Cello on Exodus, Robert Nesta Marley, Guitar and Vocals (posthumously) sampled, manipulated and recycled and placed in strategic places in Jammin’ and No Woman No Cry. The I-Three singers, (Rita Marley, Judy Mowatt, and Marcia Griffiths) are also sampled, manipulated, and sprinkled into Jammin’ and No Woman No Cry.