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Dream Rodeo is a multiple album project, each album representing a different culture or geographical region.  Each album has a different vocalist, and each is in a different language.  Here is a list of the albums by Geographical region:


“Hwan Hee Shanti Ai” Asia Compilation (Various)

“Perfect Moments” China (Sheri Wang Grosjean)

“Songs of Innocence” Japan (Sayaka Ganz)

“Chinsagu” Okinawa (Melody & Cheslie Janssen)

“Freedom Songs” Burma (Paw Kadoe)

“Goosdera Mythma” Korea (Various)

“Day Baling Mingawa!” Philippines (Various)


“A Time to Dance” African Compilation (Various)

“Liberia!”  (Mz Menneh)

“Unidos” Angola (Joseph Zacharias)


“Deep, Dark Roots” European Comp. (Various)

“Catala: songs of the Catalans” (Amadhia Albee)


Ukraine (Maria Viksnina)

“An Die Musik” Germany (Fräulein Terry Sängerin)

“Here Is Love” Celtic (Andy Booth & Mimi Burns)

*Mystikos” Greece (Lydia Brown)

“Chant and Meditation, Part One” Gregorian Chant (Fernando Tarango)

Chant and meditation Volume 1 album cover, small
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“Cantique Noel” France (Megan Browning)

North America

“It Is Well” USA (Amy Lee Moser)

“La Rosa de Saron” Mexico  (Sonia Salas)

“Nobody’s Fault but Mine: American Gospel Blues” (Jeremy Gillespie)

“Redemption Songs: The Songs of Bob Marley” Jamaica (Mz Menneh)

“Favorite Son” Canada (Sheri Wang Grosjean)

Compilation Albums (Various Vocalists)

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“Christmas Dreams” Christmas songs from around the world

Around The World in Eighty Minutes

“Deep, Dark Roots” European Compilation

“A Time to Dance” African Compilation

“Hwan Hee Shanti Ai” Asian Compilation