Gear Stories LE #1

 “Sweetwater Goes Visual and goes Pro!”

It’s been quite a while since I wrote an episode of gear stories for you… For many of my newer friends, you may not even remember the weighty tomes I used to publish approximately once a month… but they became quite huge and cumbersome to write, and probably to read as well… so I will attempt to keep it light from now on….  and rather than writing about a slew of new products, let me introduce you to ONE product, or a single line in each one, and keep it down to a few paragraphs!
So, if you are a new acquaintance of mine, and have no idea what I am talking about, give it a chance before you hit delete…  If you really have no interest in the products we carry at Sweetwater, just let me know, and I will take you off the list…  but give it a chance…  you might like it…
Seriously, I know how to write… I’ve written five full length books, all which have been totally unsuccessful in getting published!
So here we go with the new launch!  Gear Stories Light Edition, episode one…  “Sweetwater Goes Visual and Goes Pro!”
Last week, Sweetwater announced that we will now be carrying a line of low cost video cameras, specifically designed for the working musician without a large budget for making professional looking video…  it is called the GoPro camera, and you may be familiar with the work of these cameras, since the video quality is high enough that many television programs like to use these strapped onto vehicles during chase scenes, or people’s helmets when they do terribly foolish things like bungee jumping off of an airplane into the mouth of an active volcano, while playing the banjo.  (That is my FAVORITE show!)
There are a lot of great features about this camera, but the coolest thing in my opinion, are the accessories which allow you to strap them to your instrument like a headstock tuner, or wear them around your neck while onstage, capturing the action of your bandmates up close and personal and VERY VERY shaky!
There are a lot of optional accessories as well, like a detachable LCD touch screen (How cool is that!?!), a “blackout housing” so you can’t really see it from the audience, and my favorite… a waterproof housing that is good to 150 feet deep!  We may finally find Jimmy Hoffa!
Take a deeper look!  Here is the main GoPro page on Sweetwater’s web site..   (Watch the videos!  They are SO COOL!)
And here is the whole line we carry, complete with all accessories.
I have become obsessed lately on making videos for my own project, “Dream Rodeo” (Shameless plug here… ) I have made six videos in the last few years, which can be seen here…
Watch this page for new additions soon, because I AM PERSONALLY  going to be getting myself one of these cameras, and upping my game!
I leave you with this one final thought… If enough of us buy these cameras, and then cry out to the GoPro people for a new accessory, they may finally come out with my dream video product… the kitty cam mount!
Have a great day, all!
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