Gear Stories #46

Gear Stories #46, Stress free christmas shopping, and a FREE GIFT from Pure Mix!

Hey friends! It’s another Gear Stories… the last of the year… and I’ll make it a quick one.

EVERYBODY is stressed with pressures on our time, and I am here to make life easier for you, so the big theme that I want EVERYONE to get out of this is that you should call me!

If you have a musician on your list (… especially if that musician you are buying for is YOU! ) I will help you find what you need, and get it to you in time if it is at all possible!

I know it is the tendency of many of you to e-mail me, and usually, that works really well, but lately, that’s not been the best way to get in touch with me. (Like everybody else, this is the busiest time of the year for me, and I have been coming in to work often to an inbox with a hundred or more e-mails every morning, and then the phone starts ringing non stop, and the phone is an immediate thing.)

So, to get things taken care of, unless you are calling from outside the USA, pick up the phone and actually call! (It’s shocking, but I discovered that my iPhone actually can make phone calls! Who knew!?!)

Of course, if you are from overseas, just send your e-mail marked urgent and I will jump on it as fast as I can. I will watch for those.

FIRST… the important question is WHY SHOULD YOU CALL ME?

Well, a lot of you know me from talking already, but just in case you were unaware, I am an experienced professional that has spent almost a decade touring with a live band (playing keyboards, guitar and bass) after which I have run a pro recording studio for about twenty one years! I have worked with top 40 artists, platinum selling artists, Grammy and Oscar winning producers, and it is likely that you have unknowingly heard my work on the radio or television at some point in your life. I have a bachelor’s degree in music composition from Wheaton Conservatory of music, and did my grad work in audio production, and have continued my education at Sweetwater University (it may sound funny, but the education folks get in our program is at least as intense as they are likely to get in any college’s audio program!) and I continue to receive an average of 3 hours of ongoing product training each week to keep current on the new gear that is available! So where you may not have time to do the research to figure out what you should buy, I have already had the training, and have kept current in my knowledge of the new gear that is available!

My consulting services are free… I only ask that after you call me and we figure out what you need, you buy it from me! I think that’s more than a fair trade!


Well, if you are buying for yourself, you already have a pretty good idea of what you want and how much it costs… you might just be weighing options, and I am good at helping people do that. But if you are buying for someone else, THAT’S a bit trickier… but FEAR NOT! I have come to bring you good tidings of GREAT GEAR!

You should have in mind what kind of budget that you are prepared to spend first of all. If you say you want to buy a mic for your friend who owns a studio and all you care about is quality… you want the best, I am likely to recommend very honestly a six thousand dollar microphone (Perhaps something like this… ) and it will be the AWESOME… but if what you meant was “What is the best I can get for less than $700?”, then the answer will be very different. (It could quite possibly be this one… ) or less than $200… ( For example, this one! )

THIRD, know what your friend the musician does… I will make a very different recommendation if he or she is a studio engineer than I would if they are a vocalist, or a guitar player…

FOURTH… and this is extra credit… have an idea of what he or she NEEDS or WANTS… and also what they already have. That makes it a lot easier. If you call me and you know those four questions, you are going to knock it out of the park for Christmas this year… If you only know the first three questions, you are still extremely likely to win big in the coolest gift-giver contest!

Arm yourself with basic knowledge and a telephone, and call me, for I am already armed with expertise! SERIOUSLY… I am here to make your life easier!

My phone number is 1 800 222 4700 extension 1352…

One last thing about calling in. I am going to be here Friday the 14th until 6 p.m. Eastern time, and then back in the office on monday. (Believe it or not, I have studio sessions booked all weekend! No shopping for me!) If Saturday is the only time you can call, we will have people here, and they can also answer these questions for you… Some of them are even as experienced… (read “old” ) as me!

Also, I will be checking my voice mails and getting back to you as quickly as I can, but if the need is urgent, just pass on through to one of my colleagues… given the rare instance that they can’t help you, they will get a message to me and I’ll get you what you need.

A word about shipping… We can likely get everything where it needs to be even if you order as late as Tuesday the 18th with just the free shipping… beyond that, there is expedited shipping, which is NOT FREE… but it IS available, including Saturday delivery if you order on Friday! But that is not cheap! So call me on Monday or Tuesday for least expensive results!

I will be at my station and waiting to be of help!

Now, for a few extra notes about special things that might help…


Anyone interested in recording will LOVE this… The most popular seminar we have ever had at our summer Gear Fest was the class conducted by the famous and entertaining Fab Dupont, called “Recording the Band,” in which he took a live band through the paces of recording a brand new song, live on stage in our theater. SERIOUSLY… ANYBODY who has ever had ANY interest in recording music will find this incredibly informative and valuable… and also a heck of a lot of fun to watch!

The session was video taped and has now been posted on… the best educational site about recording that has ever existed! Fab and the lovely people at Pure Mix are making this whole class available for free! Watch it yourself, and also, be the hero of all the musicians you know and pass along the link and free access code!

Here is a trailer for the video…

The special code you need to view the video without a subscription is: Gearfest2012Recording

The redeeming procedure is the same as the Subscription coupons already sold by Sweetwater, you just need to:

– Create a pureMix account at

– Go to “My Cart” and type in the coupon

– Proceed to check out

– Enjoy their Gearfest Recording video series FREE!

NEW PRODUT LINE that will BLOW the MIND of your recording engineer friends!

Sweetwater is proud to announce that we have just picked up a new line of audio processing gear for the studio…. Lindell Audio!

Lindell is the new BUZZ brand all over the forums, and for good reason! Excellent quality, great sound, and a startlingly low price!

His entire line of 500 series processors each go for only $299! There is a Mic Pre with a Pultec style EQ, a Fet Compressor, and a full featured Equalizer… and there are full sized rack mount units as well..

His product line is small, but mighty! Here is the entire line…

If you know someone who has 500 series products, this would make a GREAT gift! And if you don’t a most amazing gift for the season would be the three units all packed nicely into a radial chassis!

Call me and we’ll work out a great package!

NEW PRODUCT LINE that will BLOW the MIND of your guitarist friends!

We recently added the Wampler line of pedals here at Sweetwater. Just like Lindell, they are receiving great acclaim from the forums and from listening to them myself, I see why! The Wampler people were here a few days ago, demonstrating all their pedals, and I was blown away by the diversity of sounds and the quality, and Wampler’s unique approach to recreating classic and highly sought after tones!

It would take a long time to go through the product line, but I have heard them all… Here is the whole line…

If you are a guitarist, or know a guitarist, we can find something here that will absolutely be what he wants! Once again, call me!


Zoom has just released the first truly Twenty-First Century effects pedal… This is actually built to work with your iPad or iPhone, and the effects can be downloaded off the internet and imported into your pedal through your iPad over Blue Tooth! For the gadget loving, giggng musician, this is a GREAT stocking Stuffer! Here it is!


If you paid any attention to the “Occupy Wall Street” news, you will know what I mean when I say this is an opportunity for the “One Percenter”

Very slowly, Martin guitar company is releasing a series of hand made and extremely high quality and highly ornate acoustic guitars called the “D-100” They are AMAZING! I feel privileged to have once been able to hold one in my hands for a few seconds. Only fifty will be made in the world EVER, and they are what I like to call an “Investment” guitar… Amazing to look at, amazing to play, but you would never want to haul it down to the local coffee shop for open mic night… But if your portfolio ever falls flat, this guitar would be something to fall back on!

Here is what they look like!

We will have one available soon… and for just under one hundred thousand dollars will have it for you! A true piece of guitar history! Give me a call and we can make arrangements!

Happy holidays and may you have a Stress Free shopping experience!

I look forward to being of service.

Jon Gillespie, Sweetwater Sales Engineer
800 222 4700 x 1352
260 432 8176 x 1352 (outside the U.S.)
260 432 1758 FAX
[email protected]

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