Gregorian Chant, The Music of Rome

“Chant And Meditation”

Chant and meditation Volume One Cover, small Available now for purchase on iTunes and CD Baby

Featuring Vocalist Fernando Taragno

Vocalist Fernando Tarango


1. Regina Coeli (Queen of Heaven) 6:56

      Regina Coeli sample

2. Adore Te Devote (I Devoutly Adore You) 8:45
      Adorete Te Devote sample

3. Ubi Caritas (Where There is Love) 8:05
      Ubi Caritas sample

4. Adeste Fidelis (Oh Come All Ye Faithful) 8:07
      Adeste Fidelis sample

5. Alma Redemptoris Mater (Loving Mother of the Redeemer) 7:10
      Alma Redemptoris sample

6. Asperges Me (Thou Wilt Sprinkle Me) 7:24
      Asperges Me sample

7.. In Paradisum (In Paradies) 6:45
      In Paradisum sample

8. Requiem Aeternam (Eternal Rest) 7:18
      Requiem Aeternam sample

Special thanks to Kevin Fox, Founding Artistic Director of the Pacific Boycvhoir Academy and Jesse Antin, Grammy Award winning classical vocalist, for Their invaluable assistance in selecting the repertoire for this album out of a tradition of thousands. They truly have helped make this collection special.