The Music of Greece


Featuring vocalist Lydia Brown

Vocalist Lydia Brown

Vocalist Lydia Brown

1.  I Parthenos  6:09
      I Parthenos sample
2.. Wonders (Psalm 136) 7:23
      Wonders sample
3.  O Angelos Evoa  8:06
      O Agelos Evoa sample
4.  Mystikos  8:18
      Mystikos sample
5.  Kyrie Ekekraxa 7:18
      Kyrie Ekekraxa sample
6.  Watch Oh My Soul  6:52
      Watch O My Soul sample
7.  Cimeron Cremata (the One) 9:25
      Cimeron Cremata sample
8.  Kyrie Eleison  8:52
      Kyrie Eleison sample
9.  To Fedrhone  10:26
      To Fedhrone sample
10. Agios Tu Vimetos  4:55
      Agios sample


Special Guests:  Eric Clancy, Keyboards on Wonders & Cimeron Cremata,  Todd Harrold Drums on I Parthenos, Bob Savage, Cello on I Parthenos, Frances Miller, Violin on I Parthenos, Felix Moxter, Viola on I Parthnos, Tim Beeler, Bass on I Parthenos, Dan Kurz Drum Loop on Kyrie Eleison, Bob Savage, Cello on Agios Tu Vimetos, Dave Karthol Mandolin Samples on  To Fedrhone.