Catala: Songs of the Catalans

Featuring Vocalist, Amadhia
Amadhia Albee Sings at Abbey Road Studios


Preview samples of the album.

      Damunt de tu Nomes les Flores
(Only Flowers)
      El Canto Dels Ocells sample
(The Carol of the Birds)
      T'estimo Sample
(Lover’s Testiment)
      Canticel Sample
(Little Song)
      d'Amelia Alma Sample
(The Ballad of Amelia)
      Canco Incerta Sample
(Uncertain Road)
      Canco de Bressol Sample
(Dream Out Loud)
      Canco de Comiat sample

Special guests: Aaron Comess, Drums on Canco Incerta, Phlio, Guitar on d’Amelia Alma, Derek Reeves, Viola on Canto de Bressol, Jane Heald, Cello on T’estimo. Jennebelle Gillespie, Windchimes on T’estimo, Billy Youngblood and Andy Miller, Lead and additional Rhythm Guitar on Canco Incerta. Vivien Gillespie, Glass effect on Canco Incerta



I just listened to Amadhia & Dream Rodeo’s excellent album CATALA. It reminds me a lot of Dead Can Dance, especially the often only subtly used arabesques, and while Amadhia and Lisa Gerrard have a similar vocal range, I’m enchanted by the softness of Amadhia’s. Contrary to Dead Can Dance, who are somewhat stuck in the structures of (punk) rock / dark wave history, Amadhia and Dream Rodeo are approaching the world music genre from a dance / ambient / chill-out angle, giving it a fresh and modern makeover.