Around The World in Eighty Minutes

An Introduction to Dream Rodeo

Featuring various Vocalists

1. La Maa’ta (Praise), Liberia, Vocalist Menneh Quetee 7:50

      La Mata (Praise) sample

2. Adore Te Devote, Rome Gregorian Chant, Vocalist Fernando Tarango 8:59
      Adorete Te Devote sample

3. Canco de Comiat, Catalonia, Vocalist Amadhia Albee 6:35
      Canco de Comiat sample

4. Dyma Gariad (Here Is Love), Wales, Vocalist Andy Booth 7:05
      Dyma Gariad sample

5. Lob Und Dank, Germany, Vocalist Fräulein Terry Sängerin 7:50
      Lob Und Dank sample

6. Tad Hso Ge He Hsuta, Burma, Vocalist Paw Kadoe 9:06
      Tad Hso Gay He Hsu ta sample

7. Perfect Moments, China, Vocalist Sheri Wang Grosjean
      Perfect Moments sample
8. Usagi usagi, Japan, Vocalist Sayaka Ganz, 8:13
      Usagi Usagi sample

9. Rock Of Ages, U.S.A., Vocalist Amy Lee Moser 5:53
      Rock Of Ages

10. Resucito, Mexico, Vocalist Sonia Cruz 8:24
      Resucito sample

11. Matondi Yo Nkolo, Angola, Vocalist Joseph Zacarius 8:41
      Matondi Yo Nkolo sample