African Compilation “A Time to Dance”

This album features various vocalists from diverse traditions and many languages throughout Africa

Vocalist Miss Menneh

Vocalist Miss Menneh

1. Agbelibu (Cross) (Nigeria) vocalist Emmanuel Albert & Chinyere Okwadigbo 8:45
      Agbelibu sample

2. N’da Izua (Liberia) vocalist Mz Menneh 6:08
      Nda Izua sample

3. Toma Landa Yesu (Angola) Vocalist Joseph Zacharius 11:16
      Toma Landa sample

4. I Just Chanced To Be Happening By (Egypt) Vocalist Hebba Abdul 10:12
      Happenning By sample

5. Ebena Akwa (Don’t Cry) (Nigeria) Vocalists Chinyere Okwadigbo & Emmanuel Albert 5:53
      Ebena Akwa sample


6. Holy To The Lord (Nigeria)  6:08

      Holy To The Lord sample

7. Busi Sa (Blessed Are) (Swaziland) Vocalist Gerald Nsibande 5:28
      Blessed Are sample

8. Hallelujah Chi M’eh (Hallelujah, My God) (Nigeria) , 5:26
      Halleluja Chime sample


Special Guests:  Kevin Samuel played guitar on N’da Izua, Tim Beeler played Bass & Guitar on Toma Landa, Angel Gillespie did keyboard improv on Bunye Oduwu, Dan Dickerson played Harp on Blessed Are, and the child’s voice on Blessed Are is Melani Nicholls, Andy Booth played Flute on Hallelujah Chi M’eh