About Us

“Purism is for people who just aren’t that creative!”
                                                     Lucas Alvarez

Here is a word from world famous acoustician and studio designer, Russ Berger…

Hi Jon, 

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to tell you how much I enjoy listening to the Dream Rodeo sampler you shared with  me sometime ago.  I particularly like the wonderfully unique arrangements of great old songs that have remained static, heard only one way until now, since you’ve breathed new life into them.  
We look forward to seeing you again.  
Very best regards,


Russ Berger, FASA
Russ Berger Design Group

“Dream Rodeo” is all about taking traditional music from all over the world and creating a fusion between what is ancient and traditional combined with new composition techniques and technology, to preserve ancient musical traditions is a form that is more appealing to our modern, faced paced, technologically based cultures.