Vocalist Uzoma Albert

Vocalist Uzoma Albert

I am Uzoma Albert Okwuadigbo.Most people know me as Uzo. I will be 31 yrs in on July 8, 2012. I moved to the United States in December 28, 2009 to be with my parents and brother. Now I pretty much live here. I’ve always loved writing lyrics and coming up with melodies for the songs. Sometimes it happens in the reverse order. I’m passionate about soccer, I love writing poetry and drawing and painting when I feel like it. I am currently going to school for Bachelors of Fine Art in Graphic Design. I listen to a wide variety of music including country which shocks some people. My favorite musician is Phil Collins. These days I tend to follow Coldplay.

Check out my website www.wordscrafter.com

Here’s Jon’s take…

I met Uzo in the year 2000, when he came into Monastic Chambers to record some of his own original Christian Contemporary songs. Uzo is from Nigeria and speaks a language called Igbo. We traded some studio time, and he gave me the vocal for the first Dream Rodeo song that was not Greek… (The third Dream Rodeo song ever, actually) “Hallelujah Chi’Me”

He brought in his friend Chee Chee Aneke to sing with him.

Later, Uzo sang on Hallelujah to the Lord with Chee Chee as well, and he also introduced me to his father and his mother, who both contributed vocals for the African Compilation. Uzo lives in Fort Wayne and likes soccer and also is very active his church.