Gear List


Apogee Symphony 64 card, Symphony I/O, 16 analog in expansion card, AD16x, 16 channel DAC.  Antelope OCX-HD Digital Clock


Mic Preamps & Analog Audio Processors

Antelope Audio, MP8d rack of 8 mic preamps,   Universal Audio Solo 610,  Blue Robbie,  Elysia mpressor500 compressor, Lindell Audio, 6X-500 Mic pre and EQ, and a 7X-500 Compressor, Rupert Neve Designs Portico 511 Microphone Preamp with Silk texture circuit, and Portico 5043, Dual Channel Compressor, MikTek MPA-201 Dual Channel Microphone Preamp  DBX 560A compressor, and 510 Subharmonic Synthesizer & 520 De-Esser.  Aphex Big Bottom 500 series processor.  LittleLabs VOG (Voice of God) 500 series processor, Eventide DDL-500 delay, The 500 series units are housed in a Fredentstein BentoBox 10S,  Cloud “Lifter,” for providing clean gain to low output dynamic and ribbon microphones.  Warm Audio WA-76 Limiting amplifier and WA-2A Electro-optic Leveling amp

Digitech multi-effects unit for reverb effets in the headphone mix, and the centerpiece of the studio, the incomparable, indescribable and inscrutable “Palindrometer” by Funk Logic.



AKG:  D112 Kick Drum mic

Audio Technica:  Pro25 Tom mics (two) Pro 37r Small Diaphragm Pencil Condenser

Blue:  Kiwi large Diaphragm Condenser microphone, the Bottle Rocket Stage 2 Tube Condenser Microphone (With B-7capsule), Hummingbird small diaphragm condenser mic.,  enCore100i (3) dynamic instrument mic,

Mojave Audio: MA-50 Large Diaphragm Condenser Microphone

Rode: NT4 Stereo Small Diaphragm Condenser mic, Stereo Pair of the M5 Small Diaphragm condenser mic.  NT6 Small Diaphragm Condenser

sE Electronics: Voodoo VR1 Ribbon microphone, RN17 Rupert Neve Designed small diaphragm condenser microphone, sE4400a Stereo Pair Large Diaphragm condenser microphones with multiple polar patterns (A virtually identical clone of the original, vintage AKG414)

Sennheiser: MD421 (Floor Tom Mic), e614 (Small Condenser mic),

Shure: SM81 (two) SM57 (two), SM58, 737A Monoplex Crystal Mic (Vintage from the 1950’s  Sorry this mic is now out of order… )



In studio:Apple Mac Pro quad core with Dual Monitors

Glyph external hard drives


Console, Monitoring & Accessories:

Midas Venice 32FW mixing Console,  Dangerous Music 2 Bus lt Summing mixer.  Focal Alpha 80, Presonus HP60 Headphone amp, Digitech DSP16 digital effects processor, Monster Power Pro900, Alesis ADAT-XT digital multitrack tape deck,


Recording platform, software

D.A.W. software,

MOTU, Digital Performer, AVID Pro Tools 10

Virtual Instruments:

MOTU: Mach Five2 & Mach Five3, Ethno Instrument 2, MX4, Symphonic Instrument, Electric Keys, BPM

Spectrasonics: Omnisphere, Stylus, Trillian

Native Instruments: Komplete 5, Komplete 8 Ultimate

Synthogy: Ivory Italien Grand, Grand, Upright

Korg: Legacy Collection Digital and Analog

Applied Acoustic:  String Studio VS-1, Ultra Analog VA-1, Lounge Lizard EP-3, Tassman 4, Chromaphone,  Strum Electric GS-1, and Strum Acoustic GS

East West: Storm Drum, Goliath, Voices of Passion, RA, Pianos Gold, Symphonic Choirs, Symphonic Orchestra Gold

Rob Papen Instruments:  RG – Rhythm Guitar Groove Generator, Blue – Cross Fusion Virtual Synthesizer, Blade – VIrtual Additive Synthesizer,Predator – Virtual Analog Synthesizer, Sub Boom Bass – Virtual Bass Line Synthesizer

Sonoma Wireworks: Kitcore

Ultimate Sound Banks: Acoustic Toys, Beat Box Anthology, Classic Electric Pianos, EKOLoopz, ELectric Toys Museum, Grand Piano Collection, Solo Instruments, Jazz, Mayhem Of Loops, Percussion Store, Retro Organs, Synth Anthology, World Traditions

Propellerheads: Reason 6

IK Multimedia:  Samplemoog, SampleTron,

Toontrack:  Superior Drummer, EZ Drummer2, EZ Player Pro, DrumTracker,  Pop/Rock Kit, Nashville EZX, Latin PercussionEZX, Vintage Rock, FunkmastersEZX, Claustrophobic EZX, Twisted Kit EZX,  Custom & Vintage SDX, Metal Foundr ySDX, New York Studios SDX, Music City SDX, Electro EZX, Jazz EZX, Twisted Kit EZX, Songwriter’s pack 1, Monster MIDI pack, Odd Time Signitures.

Heavyocity: Evolve library, Evolve Mutations, Damage

Izotope: Iris with “Wood” & “Glass” libraries

FXPansion: DCam Synth Squad,  BFD Eco with Gen16 Digital Vault Z-Pack Zildjian Cymbal libraries

Steven Slate: Platinum Drums

Image Line: Sakura

Various sample and loop libraries:  Alein Radio, Sony Continental Drift One & Two, RAW rex edition, Granular China, Hub & Vent library, Zoom In Life library, Balloon Drum library, SR Ethnic Instruments, SR World Percussion, Night Star refil


Audio Processing Plug Ins

Universal Audio, UAD2 card with UAD Plugins

Waves:  Horizon Bundle, Restoration Bundle, CLA signature bundle

Antares: AutoTune 8, Harmony Engine, Articulator, Choir, Mutator, Throat, Duo, Punch, Sybil

IK Multimedia: ARC System Room Correction

Timbral Research: Impulsive

Sound Toys: Decapitator, Pan Man, Filter Freak, Echoboy, Phase Mistress, Speed, Chrystalizer, Tremolator, Little Radiator

Izotope:  Ozone7, Vocal Synth, RX, Nectar, Stutter edit, Alloy, Trash, Radius, Spektron


Digital Editing Tools

Celemony: Melodyne

AudioEase: Speakerphone

SynchroArts:  Vocalign

Roland: R mix


Keyboards and Electronic Instruments

Studiologic Fatar 88 Controller,  Korg: R3, Kaossilator Pro+, and  “Monotron Duo,”  Moog,  Theremini.

Stringed Instruments

Epiphone: DOT ES-335 Hollow-Body Jazz Guitar, Standard Les Paul, 5 string Banjo

Fender: FR-50 Acoustic Resonator Guitar, Tenor Ukulele, Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bass Fretless,

Paul Reed Smith: SE Orianthi model Electric guitar with high output humbuckers.

Harmony: 1966 Harmony H27 Hollow-Body Bass

Ibanez: SR Premium 5 String electric Bass

Alvarez: Acoustic dreadnaught 6 string

Wechter: Nashville Tuned Special Elite

Seagull:  Merlin solid body mountain dulcimer

Yamaha: 3/4 sized Nylon string classical guitar

No Name:   Six String parlor style nylon string, 100 year old soprano ukulele

Guitar Processing:  Avid Eleven Rack, Tech 21 Bass Driver Sans-amp, Pigtronix, Echolution 2 Deluxe with E2R remote switch, Quantum Time Modulator Chorus pedal, Eventide H9 core multi-effect processor

Here is a brief studio tour: