Asian Compilation

“Hwan Hee Shanti Ai” (Joy, Peace, Love)

Featuring various vocalists

Vocalist Melody Jannsen
1.  Long M’e (vietnam)  Vocalist Thuy Vo   8:34
      1. Long Me sample.mp3
2.  Chyeun So (China) Vocalist Sheri Wang Grosjean   6:23
      2. Chyeun So sample.mp3
3.  Dreaming Of You (Pakistan)  Vocalist Tara 8:45
      3. Dreaming of You sample.mp3
4.  Goodsera Mythma (Korea) Vocalist Il Kwon Choi  7:38
      4. Goodsera Mythma sample.mp3
5.  Chinsagu Ho Hana (Okinawa) Vocalists Melody & Chaslie Jannsen  8:35
      5. Chinsagu No Hana sample.mp3
6.  Creation Is As One (Philippines) Vocalist Sonia Salas  7:07
      6. Creation Is As One sample.mp3
7.  Shri Ganesh Stuti (India) Vocalist Harry Shah  8:39
      7. Shri Ganesh sample.mp3
8.  Ta Da Khaputo (Burma) Vocalist Paw Kadoe  8:43
      8. Ta Da Khupato sample.mp3
9.  Songs Of Innocence (Japan) Vocalist Sayaka Ganz  8:45
      9. Songs of Innocence sample.mp3


Special guests: Andy Booth Flute on Long M’e, Frances Miller Violin on Dreaming of you, Jung Hee Park, additional vocals in Goodsera Mythma, Josh Clement, Drums in Chinsagu No Hana, Vivien Gillespie, Tagalog narration in Creation is as one, Yang Jie, Sample library development in Ta Da Khupato