The Music of China

“Perfect Moments”

Featuring Vocalist Sheri Wang Grosjean

Vocalist Sheri Wang Grosjean

This album is currently in production


Spirit of Great Love

      1. Pu Tien Sang Oo sample.mp3

Chyuen So (holding Hands)
      2. Chyeun So sample.mp3

Amazing Grace
      3. Amazing Grace (China) sample.mp3

Ma Ma How
      4. Ma Ma How.mp3

Perfect Moments
      5. Perfect Moments sample.mp3

Children of our Heavenly Father
      6. Children of Our Heavenly Father sample.mp3

Jesus Loves Me
      7. Jeshu Ai Wa sample.mp3

Green Island Serenade (Still in production)

Special Guests: Yang Jie created the Sample Library of traditional Chinese instruments that was used on “Spirit of Great Love” and “Perfect Moments”, Ben Grossjean played the Stratocaster on “Ma Ma How” Andy Booth played Flute on “Perfect Moments” and Tim Beeler played fretless bass on “Perfect Moments”