The Music of Liberia

La Maa’ta (Praise)

Featuring the vocals of Miss Menneh

Vocalist Miss Menneh


1.  La Maa’ta (Praise)  7:50
      1. La Mata (Praise) sample.mp3
2.  Jesus La Nu Pea (Jesus is Coming Back)  6:25
      2. Jesus La Nu Pea sample.mp3
3.  Manu (I Have Come)  9:09  
      3. Manu sample.mp3
4.  Noah 10:09  
      4. Noah sample.mp3
5.  Mia-oo (People – come and see)  6:39  
      5. Mai-oo sample.mp3
6.  Moses E’lo (Moses, Go!) 8:14  
      6. Moses Elo sample.mp3
7.  Ngala Wohey (My Father’s Clothes) 7:04  
      7. Ngala Wohey sample.mp3
8.  N’da Izua (Thank You, Father)  6:08  
      8. Nda Izua sample.mp3


Special Guests:  Bakithi Kumalo: Fretless Bass on Manu, Tim Beeler, Guitar on Manu, Andy Booth, Flute on Manu, Roy Kasika Drums on Manu,  Kevin Samuel Guitar in N’da Izua,